Catalina Island Wedding Photos at the Wrigley Memorial

It’s so exciting to share Monica and Duane’s Catalina Island wedding photos at the Wrigley Memorial!

You may remember this lovely couple from their Catalina Island engagement shoot!

Bride Getting Ready : Catalina Island Wedding Photos

We begin Duane and Monica’s Catalina Island wedding at the famous Portofino Hotel. The Portofino Hotel is a great spot to get ready for your Catalina Island wedding! It sits right in the center of town and is close to everything!

Monica’s shoes, Vera Wang “White”, and her gown are on display outside Monica’s room. The Portofino’s rustic design complements the vibe of Catalina Island perfectly.

As the makeup artist works her magic, Monica stays focused. These pictures, shot on Fuji 400H film, show why I love the punchy colors and textures of that film stock so much!

It’s little moments like these that make me happy, but for different reasons. On the left, as Monica puts on her dress, her face exudes excitement. I love being able to show the viewer what the subject is thinking. In the picture on the right–hands in a sea of gorgeous tule–it shows just how chaotic getting ready for a wedding can be!

Monica puts on her gorgeous diamond necklace before the ceremony. A bold necklace like Monica’s is a great choice if you’re wearing a strapless wedding gown.

Before leaving for the ceremony, Monica gives a kiss to her daughter, who acts as a flower girl.

Catalina Island Wedding Ceremony at Wrigley Memorial

Monica and Duane’s Catalina Island wedding ceremony is held at the Wrigley Memorial and Botanic Garden. The monument honors William Wrigley (of Wrigley’s gum fame), who was instrumental in the island becoming what it is today.

“He truly loved the island, and with undying enthusiasm and energy, he brought numerous improvements: public utilities, new steamships, a hotel, the Casino building, and extensive plantings of trees, shrubs and flowers. William Wrigley Jr.’s greatest legacy was his remarkable vision and plan for the future of Santa Catalina Island — that it remain protected for all generations to enjoy.”

As Monica walks down the aisle with her father, she and Duane are all smiles.

This is the excitement I love seeing on a bride!

The monument at the Wrigley Memorial gives the impression this Catalina Island wedding is somewhere in Europe!

Monica and Duane stand tall at their Wrigley Memorial wedding ceremony. Duane also gives his new stepdaughter a necklace as a momento.

With the afternoon sun shining down and the blue of the Pacific behind them, Duane and Monica seal the deal with a kiss.

Monica and Duane raise their hands in celebration and then take a quick walk down the aisle.

Catalina Island Wedding Photos at the Wrigley Memorial

The Wrigley Memorial has to be one of the most amazing locations I’ve ever shot bride and groom photos. From the incredible stone work to its views of Avalon Bay, the location is extraordinary.

Just off the ceremony space there is this amazing corner. It has two vertical openings that offer unreal views of the area. The blue flagstone and tile create a color pop that I find really cool.

On the left is the area just behind where you stand for the ceremony. With marble floor and views to die for, it’s easy to see why this location is the perfect spot for a Catalina Island wedding. On the right is this detailed steel door at the bottom of a staircase that creates the perfect frame for a killer portrait.

Outside the main building of the Memorial are unmatched views. Looking back toward the structure is another great angle. Feels like we’re in Europe at the base of a castle!

I love making soulful portraits of my couples. Monica is stunning in her strapless gown on the path to the Memorial. For Duane, a closer perspective works better to highlight his classic looks.

The Wrigley Memorial is also home to a wonderful botanical garden. It’s a great spot to get a different look for bride and groom photos.

Relaxed Wedding Reception on Catalina Island

For the Catalina Island wedding, Duane and Monica chose a restaurant with a garden courtyard for their reception.

The restaurant’s garden courtyard is the perfect spot for a Catalina Island wedding! Its lush garden and stone floor offers guests the perfect Avalon vibe.

Duane and Monic are avid sailers, so of course their wedding features decorations inspired by the sea.

As the bride and groom move around the reception, I like to follow them from distance. I can shoot amazing moments like this one!

Duane shares a laugh as he speaks with a guest and a groomsman.

When I shoot toasts at wedding reception, I keep one camera on the speaker and one on the bride and groom. The reaction shots of the couple are usually the best!

Sometimes, though, the bride gets up and becomes part of the speech!

Keeping a camera pointed at the guests lets me capture great moments like this!

Monica and Duane cheers champagne and have a little kiss.

As the sunlight fades, the dance floor becomes so much more colorful, and it’s just in time for the first dance!

Duane is quite the dancer and he shows it to some guests. On the right, Monica takes her mom for a little spin on the dance floor!

Thank-you speeches are also great moments to capture candid moments like this one!

When shooting the money dance, I like photos of where the money gets put!

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