Crystal Cove Engagement Photos

It such an honor to photograph Danielle and Craig’s Crystal Cove engagement photos a few weeks back. I love Crystal Cove for engagement sessions due to its varying terrain and easy accessibility.

Danielle and Craig hold Scrabble pieces that spell out their wedding date. Such a great idea!

The eastern end of Crystal Cove State Park is a wonderful open space that harkens back to old California. There are dramatic vistas and wonderful meadows with an ocean view. Danielle and Craig take a leisurely stroll through a dramatic open space at Crystal Cove State Park.

Crystal Cove is also home to wonderful beach cottages that date back to the 1930s. The cottages are available to rent and have amazing ocean views. These beach cottages have amazing color and provide the perfect backdrop for Crystal Cove engagement photos!

Down towards the beach there’s a wonderful trail under a canopy of lush green vegetation.

Further along the trail is a tunnel that runs underneath PCH and connects with the beach. The light is amazing and the dark background really helps the subjects pop. The tunnel is painted mostly white, with some wonderful color throughout that helps break up the monochromatic feel.

Danielle and Craig soak up the last bits of sunlight on the gorgeous beach at Crystal Cove.

A romantic embrace and kiss on the sand for Danielle and Craig.

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