There are lots of wedding photographers out there offering the same thing. Discover how John's empathic approach and photojournalism background create a unique experience.


An experience centered on you



Being Ready for the Unexpected

Personal Attention

With a knack for planning and a background in photojournalism, you'll find comfort knowing I'm ready for anything while staying true to your timeline. I'll scout your venue in advance so group photo sessions are quick and painless. And your romantic photos are done efficiently without sacrificing beauty and timelessness.

For over 20 years I've provided couples with an attentive, exclusive wedding photography experience. You'll feel good knowing the same guy who answers the phone when you first call (me) will be the same guy who photographs your wedding (me again).



Quality Over Quantity

A Focus on Your Needs

I take on a limited number of weddings each year so you receive the level of service and attention you and your wedding deserve.

After all, it's your wedding, not mine, and I care more about your enjoyment of each moment than I do about my ego. I'll take the time to get to know you to find out what's important for you and your partner on your wedding day.

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Preserving Memories for Generations

An Easygoing Personality

Finally, your wedding is a story, and I want to tell it. I photograph every wedding with a narrative in mind so you can enjoy every photo in a curated, heirloom album for decades to come.

I'm equally comfortable in a pair of Ferragamos or flip-flops. Whether your wedding is a black-tie ballroom bash or a soiree in the sand, you'll relax knowing your photographer isn't a diva and blends in with everyone.

Husband and wife stroll the grounds of Great Marsh Estate after their classic destination wedding.


"John's preparation and thoughtfulness are special. His easygoing manner belies his willingness to take chances and create organically in order to capture moments that are otherwise left only to memory."

Emily + Justin

A background in photojournalism prepared me for a life photographing beautiful weddings

My love for telling stories through photographs began in high school as a photographer for the school paper. Upon graduation, I landed an internship and later a position as a photojournalist for a daily newspaper in San Diego.

Each assignment brought a new challenge, whether it was a mundane political press conference, a creative portrait of a business owner, or an action-packed San Diego Padres game.

But no matter the assignment, one thing remained constant: I had to bring home the goods. No reshoots, no do-overs. This environment would prove to be the perfect training ground for a life dedicated to telling amazing wedding stories.

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"Our wedding seemed to go by so fast, the very next day it just seemed like a happy blur. When we got the pictures, we spent HOURS laughing, crying, and truly enjoying more moments from the wedding than we had been able to do on the actual day."

Chase + Matt

My devotion to the client experience began with my own wedding

"Let's do it again!"

These are the words I said to my wife as we recessed down the aisle after our wedding. Which is odd, considering I was a nervous mess in the moments leading up to our ceremony.

I didn't say it because our ceremony was lavish (it wasn't), or because we had creative vows we had written ourselves (we didn't).

I said it because, for those 20 minutes, I wanted a picture of that moment so I could remember it forever.

This is the bedrock of my approach: Amazing photographs you can treasure forever and a fun, stress-free experience.

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“John was truly amazing to work with! He was able to capture the smallest of details to the largest of personalities and moments without ever being in the way or interfering."

Courtney + Chris