YOu crave those timeless, sophisticated images that remain eternally chic

Raw, emotional moments captured effortlessly. Captivating portraits that leave you breathless. Every intricate detail and stylish touch that defines your wedding must shine through.

Above all, you want someone who truly understands your desires, ensuring your experience is as extraordinary as your love story.

bride hops on path at alcazar gardens in balboa park

“John is a dream to work with.” 

Working with John is a collaborative and creative experience from start to finish and that sort of thing is only possible with a certain quality of artist.”

~ Taylor

Blending Timeless imagery with personal curation

For over 20 years, I’ve been capturing spectacular weddings throughout California and destinations worldwide, creating timeless photographs that resonate with discerning couples like you.

My approach is unobtrusive yet thoughtfully guided, all while maintaining a focus on your distinct needs. The result is a meaningful experience tailored to the uniqueness of your wedding, bringing your vision to life.

Classic Images, Timeless Tones

In true-to-life colors and timeless black and whites, every meaningful moment of your celebration is captured: candid emotions, beautiful portraits, and unique details.

Balancing SPONTANEITY and Direction

I specialize in capturing the candid, magical moments of your wedding while also providing direction for stunning, composed shots. You get the perfect blend of freeflow and structure.

A man with a plan

While I’m not your wedding planner, planning is in my professional DNA. I ensure ample time for capturing your important moments while staying on schedule, allowing you to enjoy your celebration with loved ones.

Empathy and Communication

Through empathy, attentive listening, and seamless communication, your experience is elevated to the level it rightfully deserves. You’ll feel comfortable knowing that details big and small are handled seamlessly.

INterested in working together?