Windansea Beach Wedding : Patricia + John : La Jolla

It’s so exciting to share Patricia and John’s Windansea Beach wedding! This intimate beach wedding combines the vibrant colors of La Jolla with a vintage feel!

Bride Getting Ready Photos at La Valencia Hotel

The iconic La Valencia Hotel is the location for Patricia’s getting ready photos.

The hotel is in all its glory on this day and the pink exterior and rich colors are brought out by the amazing sunshine!

Patricia’s vintage gown and shoes are unbelievably gorgeous, and her double-rose bouquet is the perfect complement to her outfit.

bride touches gown at la valencia hotel window

Patricia takes one last look at the dress before finalizing her hair and makeup.

As Patricia goes over her wedding vows, her mother puts the finishing touches on her hair, and then it’s one last look in the mirror before stepping into her gown.

A quick look at Patricia and you’d think it was 1945! Her birdcage veil goes perfectly with her gown.

bride in vintage gown and birdcage veil posing near window at la valencia hotel

Patrica poses for one last portrait before heading to her intimate Windansea beach wedding.

Intimate Windansea Beach Wedding

Windansea is the perfect spot for an intimate beach wedding!

As waves wash over the algae-covered rocks, Patricia and her attendants walk down the sand for her ceremony

Patricia and John exchange vows on this flat rock, which is perfect for a beach wedding of this size! And I love how it’s a little elevated so I can capture the ocean, too.

John’s son, the ring bearer, watches the vows closely. His tan suit is a wonderful touch. At right, the young flower girl marvels at the sand on the rock.

Patricia and John opted for a sand ceremony, which symbolizes the joining of two families into one. They then seal the deal with a big kiss!

John, Patricia and John’s son make the cutest family. At right John and Patricia pose with the entire wedding guest list!

Classic portraits of Patrica and John.

With magical light and a photogenic couple like this, I know it’s going to be a gorgeous portrait session!

bride and groom walking holding hands windansea beach wedding

After their guests depart for the dinner, John and Patricia give me some more time with this amazing light.

bride and groom posing on beach in la jolla

Patricia’s soulful stare and deep blue eyes are a photographer’s dream.

bride and groom walking holding hands windansea beach wedding

When your first steps as a couple are footprints in the sand…

bride and groom posing with heads together on sand windansea beach wedding

John and Patricia, taking in one last embrace on the sand.

Talk about a match! John and Patricia’s vintage getaway care perfectly complements Patricia’s retro look.

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