La Jolla Elopement Photos : Kaddie + Kevin

Meet Kaddie and Kevin.  Kaddie is a shoe designer and Kevin is a motion-capture artist/engineer.  With an eclectic couple like this, shooting their La Jolla elopement photos is going to kick ass.

Where to Elope in La Jolla?

After mulling over several location ideas, we settled on a few spots in La Jolla. This allows us to get a bunch of different looks in without a lot of driving. 

Spots for La Jolla Elopement Photos

The shoot begins in a eucalyptus grove near UCSD. Kevin and Kaddie arrived dressed to the nines and with a bevy of props like a deck of cards to and a killer wooden picture frame.

Kaddie and Kevin share a laugh at the first stop of their La Jolla elopement shoot. Kevin and Kaddie pose in a picture frame for their La Jolla elopement shoot.

couple hold playing cards over eyes during la jolla elopement photo shoot

An amateur card trickster in his spare time, Kevin and Kaddie hold king and queen playing cards over an eye.

copule pose on tennis court with love balloon on string during la jolla elopement photo shoot

Kaddie and Kevin and their “Love” balloon kiss on a tennis court near UCSD.

Downtown La Jolla Elopement Photos

Our next stop–downtown La Jolla.

couple run across street during la jolla elopement shoot

Kevin and Kaddie run across Silverado in downtown La Jolla.

couple share kiss on street corner during downtown la jolla elopement shoot

Kaddie and Kevin share a tiny kiss on a street corner in downtown La Jolla.

Elopement Photos on the Beach

Our final stop–the beach!

Although legally already married (they had a small ceremony at the courthouse a while back), neither of them wore wedding rings.  Later in the shoot they exchanged rings for the first time during an intimate ceremony on the beach.  It was such an honor for me to have shared that moment with them!

Kevin and Kaddie embrace as the sun goes down on their la jolla elopement photo shoot.

couple embrace at dusk on beach during la jolla elopement photo shoot

Kevin and Kaddie soak up the last bit of light at Marine Street.

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