Classic Black and White Engagement Photos in Balboa Park

It’s so exciting to finally share Taylor and Paul’s classic black and white engagement photos in Balboa Park!

Taylor is a former model and now a celebrity chef. From our very first conversation I knew she would be the perfect collaborator for amazing engagement and wedding images.

Black and White Engagement Photos Offer a Timeless Look

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware of the popularity of hyper-filtered and over-colored engagement and wedding photos. I’ve seen many of these fads come and go over the years (selective coloring, anyone?), but black and white engagement photos will always be timeless.

In preparation for this shoot, Taylor sent a beautifully curated Pinterest board that was heavily inspired by classic icons of the 50s and 60s like Audrey Hepburn.

Taylor wears a stunning black gown while Paul wears a traditional tuxedo. Her look is broken up by a gorgeous brown peacoat.

couple in formalwear pose in front of flowering trees near museum of art in balboa park

The flowering trees near the Museum of Art make the perfect backdrop for Taylor and Paul. The bright color of the flowers help create that extra layer of “pop” in these black and white images.

Black and White Engagement Photos Never Go Out of Style

In discussing with Taylor the look and feel for this shoot, the word “timeless” was mentioned many times. We wanted images that looked as good today as they would 15 to 20 years from now. Taylor chose a gorgeous black gown and Paul dressed in a classic tuxedo with a bowtie.

A walk through Alcazar Garden, left, and a moment with the California Tower in the background ensure these images will never go out of style.

couple in formalwear pose near museum of man in balboa park

When playing with classic posing, it’s important to focus on the silhouette of the subjects. A clean background like this wall near the Museum of Man focuses the viewer’s eyes on what’s important.

Subtle and Romantic Posing Never Goes Out of Style!

Another reason why this shoot is great is the subtle posing I directed for Taylor and Paul. Rather than in-your-face, cheesy posing, we apply romantic gentle interactions that, again, will look amazing in 15 years. Granted, Taylor is a former model so she makes it really easy, but Paul is not so she took the lead in guiding him.

With a dress like Taylor’s, showing off the shape of it is very important. By using the leading lines of the black railing on the left, the viewer’s eye naturally moves to the subjects. It’s also important to move close, too, and a little hug and kiss from Taylor does just the trick.

couple in formalwear pose in front of flowering trees near museum of art in balboa park

These flowers only bloom for a short time, but I’m so happy we could time these images so perfectly.

I was fortunate to photograph Taylor and Paul’s entire wedding experience! Check out these galleries of all the events!

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