Sunset Cliffs Wedding Photos

I feel so fortunate to end the year just right by sharing Jamie and Riko’s Sunset Cliffs wedding photos!

Getting Ready and First Look at the Grande Colonial Hotel La Jolla

We began at the gorgeous Grande Colonial Hotel in La Jolla, where Jamie and Riko got ready and had their first look.

woman attaches veil bride grande colonial hotel

A bridal assistant helps attach the veil to Riko’s hair at the Grande Colonial Hotel.

bride smiles grande colonial hotel la jolla

Riko smiles as she gets ready for the first look with Jamie!

groom bride react happily first look grande colonial hotel

Priceless expressions! Riko and Jamie’s faces say it all during their first look.

Sunset Cliffs Wedding Photos : Intimate Ceremony

And so we head to Sunset Cliffs, one of the best spots in San Diego for an intimate wedding or elopement. Riko and Jamie’s wedding decor was brilliantly styled by the one and only Susanne Duffy from Crown Weddings. Floral arrangements were made by another one of my favorite vendors, Bethany from Splendid Sentiments.

Driftwood wedding arch? Check. Natural color palette? Check. Another gorgeous styling job by Susanne Duffy with florals by Splendid Sentiments.

bride waits ocean car window palm trees reflection

As Riko waited outside of the car before the ceremony, I popped to the other side and photographed her through the window. I love her hopeful expression and the reflection of the palm trees in the window.

Riko’s gorgeous bouquet is on full display as her father has a pensive moment before the ceremony.

Jamie’s mother gives him a big hug after he walks her down the aisle. At right, Jamie’s father walks their dog to his spot for the ceremony.

groom watches bride walk aisle sunset cliffs intimate ceremony
bride cries brother speech intimate beach ceremony

As Riko’s brother speaks to the crowd, Riko gets emotional.

groom sneaks kiss bride sunset cliffs intimate ceremony

Jamie sneaks a kiss after addressing their friends and family.

intimate ceremony setup sunset cliffs

From afar, Jamie and Riko’s intimate Sunset Cliffs wedding looks very private, but there were throngs of people watching the action out of frame.

bride smiles groom sunset cliffs intimate wedding

Riko beams with happiness as Jamie reads his vows.

groom smiles vows sunset cliffs intimate wedding

Jamie exudes excitement as he reads the last few words of his vows.

And just like that, they’re married!

Finishing the ceremony off with a kiss and a great big hug.

Sunset Cliffs Wedding Photos : Bride and Groom Romantics

Shortly after their intimate Sunset Cliffs wedding ceremony, we took a few moments to soak up the last bit of light at this amazing location.

Newlywed and ready to start their journey.

bride groom glow sunset cliffs

The last but of sun glows perfectly on Riko and Jamie.

Riko is stunning in her gown, which is completed with gorgeous wrap to keep her warm on this chilly winter evening.

bride groom san diego cliffs dusk

Riko and Jamie in front of one of those sunsets that are the reason we pay so much to live in San Diego.

groom carries bride ocean beach

Jamie lifts Riko and helps her up the cliff. If this is any indication of their relationship, they’re in good shape.

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