Stanford University Photo Spots

Recently I flew to Palo Alto for the day and found some great Stanford University photo spots for Susan and Steven’s engagement.  The star of the show was their wonderful Golden Doodle, Chewy, who wore a flower-adorned collar for some of the pictures!  Susan and Steven weren’t too shabby either 😉

Stanford University Photo Spots #1 : Garden Area

Everyone, meet Chewy. Chewy is the most amazing doodle and has an Instagram following more than that of most humans.

Stanford University Photo Spots #2 : Main Quad

Steven and Susan take center stage in the main quad for their Stanford University engagement photos.

I loved the dappled sunlight at this location. It reminded me of a fragrance ad, so I told them to go for it.

couple pose in harsh sunlight in main quad for stanford university engagement session

Susan and Steven, basking in the warm sun amidst Stanford’s amazing architecture.

While we were shooting, we noticed a group of students drinking beer and, with the beer can acting as a tee, hitting tennis balls with golf clubs. I had to mix Steven and Susan in there for a little humor.

Stanford University Photo Spots #3 : Archways

couple embrace romantically underneath arch for stanford university engagement photo

Further into the campus we found this wonderful set of arches with soft light and great falloff in the background. From there it was easy to put the couple in their place and set them free to do what they do best.

Stanford University Photo Spots #4 : Bear Gulch Resevoir

couple embrace for engagement photo under large tree at sunset near stanford university

Finishing off the day with Susan and Steven!

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