4 Crucial Reasons Why You Should Book an Experienced Wedding Photographer!

An experienced wedding photographer is perhaps the single greatest vendor you can hire for your wedding.

Why? It’s because all too often I’ve seen what happens when couples don’t.

Think about it. A couple books their dream wedding at the Montage Laguna Beach. They spend top-dollar on stationery, decor, flowers, food and drink. They book a 10-piece band, complete with lights and a monogrammed dance floor.

groom picking up bride and spinning on dance floor at hilton la jolla torrey pines shot by experienced wedding photographer

Sounds like one hell of a party, right?

In many situations like this, however, couples often choose an inexperienced, less expensive photographer to capture the most important day of their lives. Sadly, they’re left with pictures–the one thing that lasts forever–that don’t showcase their amazing wedding the way they should.

Here are four reasons why you should hire an experienced wedding photographer!

Reason 1: An Experienced Wedding Photographer Knows the Flow of a Wedding Day

Although every wedding is unique, there are many similarities among events of all cultures, sizes and shapes. For example, all ceremonies involve some sort of crescendo (ex: a kiss), and all receptions involve some sort of first dance. An experienced photographer knows these similarities and can put themselves in perfect position to capture those magical moments.

bride and groom under cloth for persian ceremony at great marsh estate

Sometimes, however, even a photographer who’s been around a while will run into a tradition he or she hasn’t seen before. But experienced photographers “know what they don’t know”, and will ask questions in order to be as prepared as possible. This is particularly helpful for ceremonies with lots of traditional events, such as Jewish, Persian or South ceremonies.

Reason 2: They Can Take Charge When Necessary

Even a wedding with the strictest of timelines can have moments when things go off-track.

For example, formal family photos–which often take place during cocktail hour–are really ripe for things to get chaotic. The bride and groom are antsy and their parents are inundated with congratulatory guests. Combine this with guests who are ready to party and… You get the picture!

bridal party gathers for group picture in bar at la valencia hotel in la jolla

A wedding photographer with years of experience can recognize these situations, take control and quickly get things back on track.

Reason 3: An Experienced Wedding Photographer Has Your Best Interests at Heart

Your wedding is the biggest moment (so far) in your life. It is the culmination of a wonderful courtship, an outward expression of your love, and the beginning of your journey together. In other words, your wedding is a huge moment and deserves the same level of respect from your photographer.

bride and groom walk through sparkler arch grand entrance st malo beach wedding

An experienced wedding photographer knows this. They don’t view your wedding as an opportunity to build their portfolio. Rather, they view your wedding as a (really great!) job, one that requires 100% effort from the time they arrive to the time the leave.

Reason 4: They Create Consistently Great Work

It takes many years for a photographer to find her or his “style”. Also, it can take years to feel confident in that style to the point it becomes automatic. When this happens, a photographer can create really strong work on a consistent basis.

bride raises hands an bouquet driving off in vintage porsche speedster st malo beach wedding

For a couple getting married, having a confident photographer means you can relax and trust that he or she will create wedding photos that you can treasure forever!

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