Wedding Day Photo Checklist : The 8 Best Things to Make Your Photographer’s Job Easier!

It may seem complicated, but getting amazing wedding photos is easier with this wedding day photo checklist. First, your photographer needs to have talent. In addition, you also need to have a great relationship with your photographer so you’re both comfortable. However, there are also little things YOU can do to get great photos on your wedding day! Check out these seven wedding photography tips for brides!

Wedding Day Photo Checklist Item #1 : Clean Up Your Bridal Suite

Bridal suites are like central command on a wedding day. Hair stylists and makeup artists are buzzing about, putting the glam on you and your bridesmaids. Your snacking, drinking champagne and having a great time before your wedding. All this chaos and commotion only leads to one thing: a cluttered bridal suite.

But, those gorgeous getting-ready photos you envision won’t have the same impact if your bridal suite is littered with dirty plates and empty water bottles.

clean bridal suite wedding photography tips

Take a few moments to clean up before your photographer arrives so your getting-ready pictures can look flawless!

Wedding Day Photo Checklist Item #2 : Bring a Pretty Hanger for Your Wedding Dress

Chances are you’re laying out a decent amount of cash for your dress. But even the most gorgeous of gowns don’t photograph well on those cheap plastic hangers.

Make sure you bring a pretty hanger so the photos of your dress look amazing! Check out this post from Brides Magazine for some great ideas!

Wedding Day Photo Checklist Item #3 :Collect Important Details to be Photographed

From gorgeous shoes to sentimental jewelry, you’ve spent countless hours and resources putting together meaningful details for your wedding. It’s really important that these things are photographed.

But, if your photographer has to search your bridal suite for these items, it takes away from time he or she could be capturing organic moments of you and your bridesmaids getting ready.

Before your photographer arrives, take a few moments to set aside all the little details you want photographed. Take your dress out of the bag and put it on a hanger. Take your shoes out of the box and set them near your dress. Your photographer can then arrange these items artistically and shoot away!

Spend a few moments collecting your details and then set them aside. When your photographer arrives they can be photographed right away!

Wedding Day Photo Checklist Item #4 :Create a List of Family Members for Group Photos

Group photos with extended family and friends are a laborious yet very important part of any wedding. A super helpful wedding photography tip that I always tell couples is to create a list of people to be photographed during this session. Then, let them know ahead of time when and where to be for the group photo session. Do these two things, in combination with this tip and, I promise you, this session will run so much more smoothly!

Wedding Day Photo Checklist Item #5 :Scout Photo Locations With Your Photographer

On your wedding day, you’ll have relatively little time to shoot group and romantic photos. And as we all know, time is at a premium on your wedding day. So, the last thing you want you to do during this time is wander around looking for photo spots.

A few days before your wedding, take some time to scout locations both for group/family photos and for your romantic session.

For group photos, scout places that are easy for your guests to get to. Shady spots are great since they create flattering light and keep everyone out of the sun. For romantics, put a little more thought into this one! You’ll want places that are not only gorgeous, but have great light, too!

Having a list makes your photographer’s job so much easier–and your stress level lower! It keeps you organized and on time!

Wedding Day Photo Checklist Item #6 : Designate Someone to Help Corral Guests for Group Photos

So, you’ve labored over your list and whittled it down to the essential people. But, even your favorite guests can go missing (they usually head for the bar) when it’s time to shoot group photos!

I’ve found that the best way to avoid this is to designate someone trustworthy to help gather wedding guests for group photos. They’re more likely to take the order seriously if it comes from the bride rather than the photographer!

Wedding Day Photo Checklist Item #7 : Go With the Flow!

With so many moving parts, there’s a good chance something will go wrong at your wedding. Flower fall out of bouquets, drinks spill and officiants flub their lines. It happens all the time. Which reminds me of a story…

At my wedding nearly 20 years ago, our wedding cake was the wrong flavor (we ordered carrot cake, got chocolate)! And, we didn’t know until we were cutting it at our reception!

bride's dress breaks wedding photo tips

You know what? It didn’t even matter. The cake was still amazing, and we were the only ones who knew it was a mistake. So if a mistake happens, chances are it’s something you’ll laugh about down the road! Relax and go with the flow!

Wedding Day Photo Checklist Item #8 : Leave Room for Creativity

This is maybe the most important wedding photography tip for brides.

You and your photographer have, most likely, discussed posed photos you’d like to have. But, your photographer is a creative being.

bride and groom kiss at top of steps hilton la jolla torrey pines

So, once the standard shots are in the can, it’s important to explore a little and let your photographer get really creative!


In conclusion, your wedding photographer will bring years of experience to your wedding. But, these seven tips will help make your photographer’s job so much easier, your life easier, and you’ll get even better photos!

All photos courtesy John Schnack Photography.

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