bride and groom kissing villa del palmar loreto wedding

Wonderful Villa Del Palmar Loreto Wedding

What an amazing experience it was to photograph Lisa and Nico’s Villa Del Palmar Loreto wedding in Mexico! Their destination wedding in Mexico was no different! It was filled with family, wonderful friends, lots of love and an amazing location!

Villa Del Palmar Loreto Wedding Wedding Welcome Reception

Lisa and Nico’s welcome reception was held at the beach bar in front of the resort. Guests were treated to fresh ceviche with chips and guacamole, and endless Mexican beers.

ensenada blanca dusk loreto villa del palmar

Villa del Palmar resort sits on the glorious body of water that is Ensenada Blanca.

Chips, salsa, guacamole and fresh ceviche greet guests for the welcome reception.

Lisa and Nico take a quiet moment away from their welcome party to soak in everything.

beach chairs tables umbrellas villa del palmar wedding welcome reception ensenada blanca
The beach in front of Villa del Palmar is a little sparse on this late-December afternoon, but Lisa and Nico’s guests feel right at home.

The beach in front of Villa del Palmar is a little sparse on this late-December afternoon, but Lisa and Nico’s guests feel right at home.

guests enjoy cocktail hour on beach at villa del palmar

Guests enjoy fantastic margaritas and wonderful conversation.

The beach in front of the resort is a child’s dream. The water is shallow and warm and sea life is everywhere. While the kids are playing, adults can pull up to the beach bar for a drink!

children run on beach at ensenada blanca mexico

Children run and play at low tide as the sun sets on the welcome party.

groom gives speech welcome dinner villa del palmar

Nico gives a heartfelt speech at the dinner portion of the welcome party.

servers pour tequila shots welcome dinner

It wouldn’t be a dinner in Mexico without the obligatory shot of tequila.

traditional mexican dancers villa del palmar

Every night at Villa del Palmar, guests are treated to traditional Mexican dancing and live music.

couple kiss on stage mexican dancers villa del palmar

Guests can come up on stage as well, as Lisa and Nico did.

Villa Del Palmar Loreto Wedding : Bridal Prep

Lisa’s subtle lace gown hangs from a light fixture outside her room. Inside, her Valentino sandals await duty.

mother of bride looks out window loreto mexico wedding

As Lisa gets ready, her mother takes a long look out at the glorious view of Ensenada Blanca.

mother of bride helps daughter with hair loreto mexico wedding

Lisa’s mother helps her with her hair before putting on her gown.

mother of bride helps daughter with earring loreto mexico wedding

Her earrings are gorgeous but a bit tricky to put on.

Lisa’s sister closes the final few buttons on the back of her gown. As she does, Lisa’s nieces watch as their “Teetee” gets dressed.

Villa Del Palmar Loreto Wedding : Groom Prep

groom fixes hair mirror before wedding

Nico makes sure every hair is in place.

groom adjust suit jacket before wedding

Nico buttons up and makes sure everything is spit spot.

Villa Del Palmar Loreto Wedding : First Look

First looks are always so magical. Nico and Lisa’s first look is no exception.

Villa Del Palmar Loreto Wedding : Bride and Groom Romantics on 17th Hole of Golf Course

bride poses 17th hole villa del palmar sea of cortez islands

The 17th hole Villa del Palmar’s golf course is a sight to behold. It’s a downhill par 3 to a green that’s surrounded on three sides by the Sea of Cortez. The islands of Loreto beckon in the distance. It’s also a perfect spot for romantic portraits. Lisa takes in the majesty of the area in this lovely portrait.

bride groom kiss near 17th hole villa del palmar sea of cortez islands

Talk about quality alone time! Nico and Lisa have a romantic kiss as the Sea of Cortez roils below them.

groom embraces bride villa del palmar wedding sea of cortez islands

I sense a “pinch me” moment in Lisa’s expression here.

bride and groom hold hands villa del palmar wedding

Looking back toward the resort is equally breathtaking! Lisa and Nico taking a little stroll on the cart path as their ceremony approaches.

I love taking time for some individual portraits of the bride and groom, and I couldn’t have picked a prettier spot for these images.

Closing shots with Lisa and Nico on the 17th hole. In the top photo, I love the stillness and how the composition is really more about them than the surroundings. In the bottom photo it’s the complete opposite, with the real impact of the image coming from the sheer beauty of the landscape.

Villa Del Palmar Loreto Wedding : Ceremony

children huddle to stay warm villa del palmar wedding

The wind kicks up and the temperature drops for the ceremony, but that doesn’t stop the wedding’s younger guests from huddling together to keep warm.

bride smiles at groom villa del palmar wedding ceremony

Lisa and Nico each other down the aisle, and Lisa gives her soon-to-be-husband a cheeky little grin.

bride groom approach officiant villa del palmar wedding

As their officiant and old family friend, Brett, looks on, Nico leads Lisa under the wedding arch.

intimate wedding ceremony villa del palmar loreto

True to themselves, Lisa and Nico’s ceremony infuses both Buddhist and western traditions. The fire pit keeps everyone warm.

guest and children under blanket mexico winter wedding

Lisa’s younger brother keeps himself and her nieces warm.

bride reads vows ensenada blanca villa del palmar wedding

Lisa reads her vows to Nico as Isla Danzante beckons off in the distance.

bride and groom listen to officiant villa del palmar wedding

The officiant reads a few closing passages as Nico and Lisa look on intently.

bride and groom kiss loreto mexico wedding

And the biggest kiss for the finish!

Villa Del Palmar Loreto Wedding : Reception at Danzante Restaurant

long dining table wedding reception villa del palmar danzante restaurant

With an original plan of a beach wedding and reception, the event moves inside to Danzante Restaurant due to the cold and windy weather.

officiant drops paper with intention into fire pit loreto mexico wedding

As the fire ceremony commenced, people read written intentions as tokens of well wishes to the bride and groom.

groom kisses bride fire ceremony

Lisa and Nico read theirs last, and Nico gives his bride a gentle kiss on the forehead.

best man gives funny speech bride and groom laugh

Nico’s best man relays a story from years ago that has everyone in stitches.

young wedding guest portrait near lighted tree

The group of children at the wedding include nieces and the children of close family friends. The fake tree in the room next door to the restaurant gave off amazing light, perfect for their portraits.

guest plays pencil nose game

The Pencil Nose game is passed around, with the officiant drawing some sort of strange animal.

groom lifts flower girl in air dancing wedding reception

Nico lifts a flower girl high into the air as the dance party starts.

bride dances with young flower girl

Lisa twirls her niece.

bride groom dance hold hands around four children wedding reception

Kids gather under Lisa and Nico as they hold hands.

If you’re planning a Villa del Palmar wedding, here are some tips:

  • It’s all-inclusive, so leave most cash at home!
  • Bring lots of sunscreen!
  • If possible, fly out of the Tijuana airport for huge savings on airfare.
  • Purchase a Cross Border XPress (CBX) ticket for easy passage through customs in Tijuana!

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