March 23, 2020

Vasquez Rocks Engagement Photos : Brittany + Kevin

What a day I had making Brittany and Kevin's Vasquez Rocks engagement photos! Vasquez Rocks has been featured in so many films, including on of my all-time favorites, Blazing Saddles!

About Vasquez Rocks Natural Park Area

These amazing rock formations were formed by rapid erosion during uplift about 25 million years ago, and then later exposed by uplift activity along the San Andreas Fault.

The Valley Floor

couple embrace in grass under tree near vasquez rock structure
Kevin and Brittany have a kiss with lovely subtle dip, in the amazing landscape that is Vasquez Rocks.
couple sit in grass under tree for vasquez rocks engagement photo
Much to my surprise, Vasquez Rocks isn't all interesting rock formations. There are lovely flat areas with shady trees and the ground is covered in grass in the spring.

Spots for Vasquez Rocks Engagement Photos

couple pose beneath rock for vasquez rocks engagement photo
The incredible formations at Vasquez Rocks offers a chance to really get creative and let the landscape drive home the photo composition.
couple kiss for vasquez rocks engagement photo
Brittany takes a seat on Kevin's knee and offers a little kiss on the head beneath a towering rock formation.
man lifts fiancee off feet atop vasquez rocks
Kevin sweeps Brittany off her feet atop a rock and high above the valley floor.
couple pose at vasquez rocks at sunset
Kevin pulls Brittany in tight as the sun settles in the west.
silhouette of couple posing for vasquez rocks engagement photo
I love this photo! Brittany and Kevin form the perfect silhouette to break up this amazing composition!

Vasquez Rocks Engagement Photos at Sunset

couple pose at vasquez rocks at sunset
I love adding a little sunflare when I can.
couple pose on vasquez rocks engagement photo
In this picture I love how Brittany and Kevin's positioning goes with the grain of the amazing rock formation.
couple walk on trail at sunset in vasquez rocks natural park area
There are tons of winding trails throughout the park, which makes getting around the area super easy.
couple embrace at sunset at vasquez rocks
With the sun dipping, Brittany and Kevin embrace and have a little laugh.
man lifts fiancee off feet at vasquez rocks
Kevin picks up Brittany and spins her as the sun sets.
couple kiss with dust around them at vasquez rocks
With a trail of dust lighted by the sun, Kevin and Brittany share a long kiss. This looks like it could be in a Western film!
couple kiss at sunset for vasquez rocks engagement photo
With one last ray of sun shining through, Brittany and Kevin soak in the moment.
couple drink champagne from bottle near vintage ford truck
Brittany and Kevin wrap our Vasquez Rocks engagement photos by swigging some champagne straight from the bottle. Love it!

I hope you love these Vasquez Rocks engagement photos as much as I do! Planning a wedding? I'd love to chat! Take a look at my portfolio and then schedule a consultation!


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