Urban San Diego Engagement Photos : Emily + Justin : Part 1

April 29, 2020

It’s great to finally share Emily and Justin’s urban San Diego engagement photos in North Park!

While discussing concepts and locations for Emily and Justin’s engagement photos, we knew we wanted two completely different looks. With a formal shoot at Torrey Pines already locked in, we also decided on a relaxed engagement shoot in an urban area of San Diego!

North Park : The Perfect Spot for Urban San Diego Engagement Photos

The neighborhood of North Park is a wonderful mix of quaint homes, eclectic shops, unique restaurants and a thriving art scene. There are all sorts of colorful walls and interesting nooks and crannies to use for some amazing engagement photos.

I love it when couples come to a shoot with their own ideas! For example, Justin and Emily’s funny concept of their wedding planning process is the perfect start to this shoot!

One reason I love shooting in North Park is the large number of painted walls and murals. For instance, this bright red wall in an alley is the perfect backdrop for an long embrace.

With these two, I can make great photos anywhere–even a street corner!

Another alley, another great piece of public art! I also love mixing in different looks. For instance, this sidewalk full of trees that create a soft frame for these two.

With urban San Diego engagement photos in North Park, there are so many things to shoot. For instance, this painted electric box and a colorful restaurant entrance.

Not only are the outside of the buildings great for phots, but so are the insides!

North Park is full of cute coffee shops like this one. The lightbulbs in the background are almost like sparks between Justin and Emily.

If you look at it the right way, the North Park Observatory can make a great background for urban San Diego engagement photos.

Be sure to check out part two of Emily and Justin’s engagement photos at Torrey Pines!

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