San Diego Beach Wedding Photos at L’Auberge Hotel : Brittany + Steven

April 20, 2020

It’s so exciting to share Brittany and Steven’s San Diego beach wedding photos at L’Auberge Hotel in Del Mar!

Bride Getting Ready Photos at L’Auberge Hotel Del Mar

The L’Auberge Hotel in Del Mar is the perfect spot for a wedding! It’s open-air design and location steps from the shore make it a must-see venue!

The bridal suites are really well-lighted, which is really important for great pictures. There’s soft light on the exterior, which is perfect for shooting gowns like Brittany’s strapless Vera Wang dress. Inside, the light is super-soft, great for capturing details like Brittany’s Jimmy Choo shoes and her light and airy bouquet.

bridesmaid helps bride into vera wang dress san diego beach wedding lauberge del mar

The roomy bridal suites are large, too, so I can capture photos from a variety of angles. For example, this photo of a bridesmaid helping Brittany with her gown is taken from an angle and distance that allow me to tell more of a story.

The large space also makes it super comfortable for brides since they don’t feel super-cramped! It makes it easy to put on shoes and attach other parts of the gown.

The great lighting in these rooms also makes it great for color photos, too!

mother helps daughter bride with veil san diego beach wedding lauberge del mar

Veil shots can be tricky, but I love getting a high angle to show the the work it takes to put one on!

Once I’ve got a “how-to” shot of the veil, I push in close to get pictures that are more artistic.

bride posing at lauberge del mar before san diego beach wedding

The window light at L’Auberge is just spectacular and it’s the perfect spot for bridal portraits.

Bride and Groom First Look at L’Auberge Hotel

Outside the hotel there’s a path that’s fairly private. It’s a great spot to shoot first look photos and all the organic moments that happen!

bride spins for groom during first look at lauberge del mar

Brittany looks so gorgeous in her gown, Steven asks for an impromptu fashion show!

bride and father do first look at lauberge del mar

Don’t forget about dad! Although a first look is usually between the bride and groom, a father-daughter first look is another great photo opportunity!

bride and father walking through door toward ceremony at lauberge del mar

During every wedding I shoot, I have my associate photographer hang back with the bride and her father just before the ceremony. There are great moments that happen here, none of which is seen by anyone else at the wedding.

San Diego Beach Wedding Ceremony on the Pacific Terrace

The Pacific Terrace at the L’Auberge Hotel in Del Mar is the perfect spot for a San Diego beach wedding! It has a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean to the west, and a wonderful view of downtown Del Mar to the east.

Brittany and Steven’s light and airy color palette is perfect for their beach wedding.

At most wedding ceremonies, the handoff of the bride from her father to her groom is usually a handshake, maybe a hug if we’re lucky. Brittany’s father and Steven start with a fist bump, then finish with a chest bump! This is such a greta idea!

san diego beach wedding on pacific terrace at lauberge del mar

On days like this when the sun beats down, the L’Auberge Hotel puts large umbrellas around the ceremony space to provide shade for guests.

Brittany and Steven’s wedding arch provides plenty of shade for the wedding party. The wooden arch is draped in tule to provide some shade and is decorated in gorgeous flowers.

groom putting ring on bride san diego beach wedding

The tule on the wedding arch provides great lighting for the newlyweds.

After the kiss, I love it when brides and grooms celebrate!

During the processional, I always track backwards with the bride and groom walk down the aisle. I like this medium telephoto look better than something shot with a longer lens from the back.

Bride and Groom San Diego Beach Wedding Photos at the L’Auberge Hotel

The same pathway at L’Auberge that I used for the first look is also a great spot for bride and groom photos!

The pathway is surrounded by lush gardens that make for great backdrops.

L’Auberge Del Mar is steps from the old Del Mar Train Station. I love this spot for bride and groom photos because it’s uncrowded and provides a different look than the beach.

I’m usually not a fan of photos on train tracks. I find them cliche and dangerous. But for some reason I love the image of Brittany and Steven on the tracks. I like how the tracks curve in the background. Down near the beach in Del Mar, there are some benches that make really great spots for beach wedding photos.

Cocktail Hour on the Sunset Terrace at L’Auberge Del Mar

Brides and grooms obsess over every detail of their wedding, but these details often go unseen due to the chaos of the day. This is why detail shots are so important!

Not only do detail shots help tell the story of the wedding, they provide a visual reminder of the blood, sweat and tears it takes to plan a luxury wedding.

I love it when couples forgo the traditional guest book and opt for something a little more meaningful! Steven and Brittany, lifelong San Diegans, are huge Chargers fans. So they had a custom jersey made with their last name that all the guests could sign! So cool!

The Sunset Terrace at the L’Auberge Hotel is the perfect spot for cocktail hour at your beach wedding. It offers panoramic views of the Pacific and is tucked right in the middle of the hotel.

Wedding Reception on the Pacific Terrace at L’Auberge Del Mar

The dark wooden tables at Brittany and Steven’s San Diego beach wedding reception provide a nice contrast to the light and airy color palette of the flowers.

I love it when couples go right into the first dance!

With the addition of some more tule and a gorgeous chandelier, Steven and Brittany’s wedding arch is transformed for their reception. It’s the perfect spot to catch a magical sunset like this one!

I love stealing the bride and groom at sunset for some romantic portraits.

With their family and friends surrounding them, Brittany and her father dance on a balmy mid-summer evening.

When couples go around to tables to greet guests, I like to follow them because there are some really wonderful moments that happen.

Steven is a huge Spiderman fan, so Brittany surprised him with an edible version of the comic book character hidden on the cake.This takes cake customization to a whole new level!

I love it when couples lead the charge on the dance floor!

Most couples play it pretty safe when it comes to cutting the cake. Steven and Brittany love to joke around with each other, and carried it over with a good cake face-wash!

Steven’s lifelong friends were his groomsmen, and you can tell the special bond they all have that comes from a relationship with that length.

bride and groom kissing lauberge del mar wedding reception

There’s so much that happens at a reception, it’s important to keep an eye out for little moments like this between the bride and groom.

sparkler exit san diego beach wedding lauberge del mar

Who doesn’t love a sparkler grand exit?!

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