Rosanne + Pablo : Part II : Marine Street Engagement Photos

March 21, 2020

We headed to La Jolla to make some Marine Street engagement photos, after their Hotel Republic engagement photos.

couple kiss walking down marine street in la jolla engagement photo

Rosanne and Pablo sneak a kiss as they walk down to the beach. The view from the top of Marine Street down to the ocean is one of my faves in all of San Diego.

wind blows woman's yellow dress while holding hands with fiancee on marine street beach engagement shoot

Rosanne’s choice of dress was the perfect pop of color for this windy, dreary day. The movement of the dress is the cherry on top.

Portraits in the wind are always fun (top). This bottom photo is electric and I knew it as soon as I clicked the shutter.

woman in yellow dress embraces fiancee on rocks at marine street beach in la jolla engagement photo

Minus the palm trees, I feel like this image could be on the South Coast of England. Alas, it’s La Jolla, and I love the pop of color from Rosanne’s dress that breaks up the monochromatic feel of the image.

A low tide means the tide pools are exposed. It’s the perfect place for some subtle black and white portraits.

man lifts fiancee off feet on sand on marine street la jolla

An empty beach is the perfect spot to pick up your girl and give her a spin.

man carries fiancee on back on sand at marine street beach in la jolla

Or a piggy-back ride!

Marine Street engagement photos are great because:

  • Marine Street is a horseshoe-shaped beach. Why is this good? It means shooting along the water gives you a land background in either direction.
  • Marine Street is off the beaten path. It’s tucked away in a residential neighborhood which keeps the crowds down.
  • The sand is powdery soft, which means comfort for my subjects!

Be sure not to miss their San Diego wedding at the Dana Resort!

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