Romantic Engagement Photos in La Jolla : Julia + Josh : Part 1

July 22, 2020

It’s so exciting to share Julia and Josh’s romantic engagement photos in La Jolla! This engagement shoot is so great I have to split it into two parts!

Part 1 of their shoot takes place in downtown La Jolla. This area is one of my favorite places on earth to shoot engagement photos.

We begin Julia and Josh’s romantic engagement photos on the only rooftop (that I know of) in La Jolla with public access. It’s a great place to shoot! For example, it’s wide open and gets a ton of light. In addition, on the weekends it’s empty!

Furthermore, there’s a small landing covers the stairwell and makes for a great spot for engagement photos in La Jolla!

The small landing also offers a different perspective looking southeast!

The village of La Jolla is such a great spot for romantic engagement photos. All over town there are nooks and crannies with great light. One of my favorites is a stairwell in an old office building. In the afternoon, the romantic light streams in just right!

With its grid system, La Jolla has lots of cool alleys that make great spots for romantic photos! On the weekends they’re pretty empty, so you can get alone for some great romantic engagement photos!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a romantic engagement session without great wardrobe choices! I love Julia’s choice of dress. It’s a very subtle shade of green and flows just right! Josh picked the perfect dark blue suit, too!

Another great spot I love is the breezeway next to La Valencia Hotel! It’s quiet and has really soft light. In addition, the white railings and balconies from the hotel make for great background elements!

Our last stop was another cool alley, this one with a great terra-cotta wall!

Make sure you check out Part 2 of this amazing romantic engagement photo shoot!

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