Classic images for the contemporary couple

For Couples Who Want Timeless Wedding Photographs and an Experience Focused on Their Needs.

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Why couples love my work

Classic Images, Timeless Tones

Artistic or traditional. Editorial or documentary. No matter the style, you clients will see their wedding as it was meant to be seen.

An Unobtrusive Yet Guided Approach

Knowing when to direct and when to let a moment unfold. The perfect blend of free-flow and structure.

An Experience Focused on Your Clients’ Desires

Finding out what’s important to your clients to ensure they enjoy their wedding just as they want.

My clients know exactly what they want…

Clean, classic, natural-looking images that never go out of style. Emotional candids, stunning portraits, and all the details and fashion that make their wedding one-of-a-kind. And a photographer who makes them feel heard before, during, and after their celebration.

“Beyond his very obvious talent with a camera, John is one of my favorite photographers to have on the team for a wedding day. He is organized but not uptight and understands that timing needs to adjust as the day flows naturally. Experience is key, and he has plenty. On top of it all he is a wonderful human to be around and those are just the vibes you want on a wedding day!”





When you send an email, I’ll respond very quickly. No waiting for days on a question about the timeline.


DILIGENT Preparation

I visit the venue ahead of time to pre-select photo spots. I read the timeline carefully so your couples don’t miss a minute of the party.



Things change quickly at weddings. I’m adaptive and flexible to any changes in order to make the event run smoothly.


It’s your Show

I’m not only serving the couple, I’m serving you, too. You’re the producer, so I’ll adapt to however you want my team and me to interact with the couple.



We dress impeccably. We show up early. We’re unobtrusive. We’re kind and always carry a smile.

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What Your Clients Can Expect


Learning Their Desires

Set up a discovery call so I can learn about your clients’ desires and deliver on what’s important to them.


Tailored Proposal

Using what I learned on the discovery call to craft a tailored proposal that fits their needs to a tee.


Contract & Retainer

Once a verbal agreement has been reached, your clients will receive a clearly defined agreement and secure services with the retainer payment (25%).


Engagement Session

A tailored engagement session to get familiar with one another and get comfortable in front of the camera.


Consultations and Site Visit

Periodic consultations to hone the timeline, sharpen photo lists, and put them at ease. And a site visit shortly before the wedding to discuss photo locations and get familiar with the flow of the event.

“My job requires me to work with so many talented photographers, and so I will admit that finding the right photographer was a challenge for me. John’s work caught my eye as his images all feel so real.” 


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Pricing Tailored to Your Clients’ Needs

Your clients’ wedding experiences are unique, so it makes sense that photography of their celebration is tailored exactly how they want it.

On average, couples spend between $8-12k. Things such as wedding coverage, engagement sessions, welcome dinner coverage, and travel affect pricing variability.

How You Can Get Pricing


Check Availability

I take on a select number of events, so let’s make sure your clients’ date is available.


Discuss Client Desires

Send over high-level specifics of the celebration (welcome dinner, day-of needs, etc.).


Share the Proposal

Based on their desires, I’ll craft a tailored proposal you can share directly with your client.


Secure the Date

To secure my services, we’ll sign the agreement and remit a retainer payment of 25%.