Ponto Beach Engagement Photos : Echo + Ryan : Part 2

August 7, 2020

It’s so thrilling to share Echo and Ryan’s Ponto beach engagement photos!

You may remember part one of their shoot, well now it’s time to get out of the factory and dip your toes in the sand!

Is Ponto Beach a Great Spot for Engagement Photos?


couple embracing and laughing high above ponto beach in carlsbad california

Ponto is such an amazing beach for engagement photos because there’s such a variety of terrain! For example, you can get a high angle from the bluff at the very south end.

drone photo of a couple embracing on jetty during ponto beach engagement photo session

In addition, there are two jetties that offer couples the chance to get off the beach for a different experience. It’s the perfect situation to break out the drone and get something different!

couple walking holding hands ponto beach engagement photo

Furthermore, on the north end of Ponto, the beach is covered in cobblestones. This makes for a nice change of pace from the usual sandy beach. Plus, when shot from a low angle, you can really pick up the texture!

Why Ponto? Lots of Different Looks!

couple embracing on cobblestone beach ponto carlsbad engagement photo

I think it’s important to provide a variety of angles and compositions for my clients’ engagement photos. So, after working from a distance for several of their Ponto beach engagement photos, I like to move in and get close. Capturing emotional reactions is so important!

couple walking on rocky beach ponto engagement photos carlsbad

It’s also important to break up your poses! My favorite is a simple walk for a few reasons. For example, a short walk allows the couple to relax and take their minds off being photographed. In addition, you can play with different takes on connection (holding hands, clutching arms, etc.) to create variation!

couple embracing on jetty carlsbad

Pulling back again, this time back on the jetty! A very simple composition that creates an amazing picture!

couple holding hands walking on beach laughing at sunset ponto beach carlsbad
couple embracing on lifeguard tower at sunset

Another reason Ponto is one of my favorite beaches for engagement photos are the lifeguard towers! Instead of the usual steps to the tower, each one has a long ramp with chrome railing. In the image above, I’m shooting down towards them and using the natural vanishing point of the rails.

couple embracing on railing of lifeguard tower at sunset in carlsbad

In this image, I’m shooting from a distance with a long lens to compress the background and really make them pop!

Getting to Ponto Beach

Ponto beach is fairly easy to get to from anywhere in San Diego. Use the interactive Google Map below to get customized directions!

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