Mission Beach Engagement Photos : Belmont Park and the Beach

It’s so exciting to share Katie and Sam’s Mission Beach engagement photos!

Belmont Park Engagement Photos

Our first location is Belmont Park! Built in 1925 by John Spreckels, the park is home to a killer midway that features tons of carnival games.

These game booths are great for engagement photos because of their brilliant colors and historical charm. Katie and Sam are a super fun couple so this setting is perfect for them!

couple pose in game room on midway at belmont park for mission beach engagement photo

A little stop in the photo booth is always a good idea! I love the chaotic interior of this room and how it’s broken up by a little romance

couple play carnival game at belmont park for mission beach engagement photo

The midway has all these cool carnival games that beg passers-by to part with their money. Katie and Sam did pretty well and actually won prize!

Photos on the Mission Beach Boardwalk

Our next stop is the boardwalk! This is THE classic place for Mission Beach engagement photos. The boardwalk is one of the greatest people-watching venues in San Diego. And despite its crowds it’s a great spot for engagement photos!

couple sit on wall at boardwalk for mission beach engagement photo

Sitting on the boardwalk wall, Katie gives Sam a little tickle on the chin.

couple embrace on mission beach boardwalk as biker passes in front of camera

Foreground elements are so important, no matter what they are. This image is timed just perfectly as the woman passes by on a bike while Katie and Sam share a romantic moment.

couple embrace and laugh at table near taco shop as sun sets in mission beach

The night Sam and Katie met, they spent hours talking late into the night at Mr. Rubierto’s Taco Shop. This place is a Mission Beach institution! It’s open until 2 AM so it’s the perfect spot for a burrito after a long night of drinking at The Pennant or The Comber!

I love the light in this image, and how Katie and Same are having this super private moment amongst the throngs of people behind them.

engaged couple embrace against restaurant window in mission beach as sun sets

Katie and Sam take a moment against the windows of the Coaster Saloon. I love the yellow cast on the windows from the fading sun.

couple kiss at sunset in bar with boise state flag in background

Katie and Sam both work at Boise State University, and this bar had a great BSU banner, so we HAD to take a picture there!

Mission Beach Engagement Photos

Our final stop is right on the sand in Mission Beach!

Normally I prefer shooting in areas that are uncrowded, but with Mission Beach crowds are pretty much inescapable. When you have light like this, you get over the crowds pretty quick!

couple pose on mission beach for portrait at sunset

I love mixing in nice quiet portraits of couples during their engagement photos. Parents and grandparents love them!

engaged couple laugh on mission beach at sunset

On summer evenings when the wind is still, the moisture in the air gets lit up from the setting sun. It gives the air this amazing orange glow. It doesn’t happen often because there’s usually enough breeze at the beach to blow the salt spray away. But when it does, like in these images, it’s amazing!

man carries fiancee piggyback on beach at sunset

With Pacific Beach and Bird Rock in the background, Katie and Sam have some fun on a perfect summer evening. It’s nights like this that remind me why I pay so much in property taxes!

engaged couple kiss on beach at sunset

Katie and Sam have one more romantic moment as the sun sets on their Mission Beach engagement photos!

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