Industrial Engagement Photos in Carlsbad : Echo + Ryan : Part 1

August 6, 2020

It’s so exciting to share Echo and Ryan’s industrial engagement photos in Carlsbad!

We begin Echo and Ryan’s shoot at the factory that houses Ryan’s family business, which for nearly 50 years has been one of the foremost brands in the surfing and skiing industry.

Ryan’s dad started Wax Research back in 1971. Since then it’s passed down to Ryan and his sister, with their parents still playing roles in the company. So, the company and the facility are an important part of Ryan and Echo’s relationship, and it was important to memorialize that somehow.

A Vintage Pickup Truck is Always Cool!

The factory is a treasure-trove of cool things to photograph. For instance, there’s a baby blue, 1950’s Chevy pickup truck on the lot! Props like this make for such great engagement photos!

couple posing romantically in front seat of vintage pickup truck during industrial engagement photo session

With images like this, I really like to put forth a narrative. For me, this image reminds me of two young people in love, escaping in the truck and having a private moment as the sun sets.

couple laughing in bed of vintage pickup truck industrial engagement photo session

The bed of the truck is a great place to shoot, too! It allows me to position them in a more relaxed pose, which lends itself to fun, candid shots like this one!

Why an Industrial Engagement Photo Session? Cool Elements!

Throughout the factory, pallets of packaged surf wax stand ready to be shipped to customers all over the world. It makes a great element in these pictures and helps memorialize the role the factory plays in their family.

couple embracing in front of vats of melted surf wax industrial engagement photo session

In addition, these large vats make great elements for these pictures! A pop of a single strobe in a soft box really helps make them stand out!

Whenever I shoot industrial engagement photos, I try to incorporate elements of the environment. For example, this great old surf truck and the huge racks in the warehouse make great compositional elements!

couple dancing in surf wax factory on their industrial engagement photo session

One last little dance before heading off to the beach for part 2!

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