Hayden + Curtis | Photo Locations


First Look

This is the best location I found for first look. It’s open, relatively private, and offers plenty of room to shoot. The Club said we will need to head a little farther down so we’re not in front of the building. I’ll arrive a little early to stake out a proper spot, but this visual will give you an idea of it.


Group Photos

This area is a little further down from the first look location. It’s private and we can shoot towards the bay or towards the green hedge. Conveniently located next to the parking lot.


Crossing the streen

This will be such a great photo! I would like for you to lead while your bridesmaids trail behind you. Is there someone we can delegate to stop traffic for a few seconds?


Portrait Spot #1 - Ferry

Love this, but we have to work quickly! In talking with Brian, we have 4-5 minutes from the time we hop on until we get off, so we really only have one pass if we want to have enough time to get some images on the dock at the NHYC.


Portrait Spot #2 - NHYC

By the time we get to the NHYC, there will still be enough light left to make some great photos on the docks below the event area.