Gorgeous Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

September 2, 2020

If you’re looking for gorgeous wedding centerpiece ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Picking the Perfect Centerpiece

A centerpiece is the floral focal point of each guest table at your wedding. So, it’s really important to get this detail right!

The perfect centerpiece does a few important things. First, it draws the eye to your tables. The minute guests walk through the doors to your reception, the first things they see are the centerpieces!

In addition, your centerpiece can help facilitate conversation amongst the guests at your tables! If your centerpiece doesn’t interfere with the eye line of your guests, they are free to chat without being distracted. But, if your centerpiece isn’t short or tall enough to not interfere, guests are less likely to chat with someone across the table.

Tall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

A tall vase with flowers can be the perfect wedding centerpiece idea for a few reasons! First, their size and stateliness make them a perfect showcase of your flowers. In addition, they really lend a sense of elegance and sophistication. Also, they allow you to get really creative with the vases!

In the photo above on the left, taken at a Vista Valley Country Club wedding, roses, peonies and hydrangeas are showcased in a really decorative vase. In the photo on the right–showing another advantage of tall vases–feathers hang from the bottom of the flowers.

Another advantage of a tall centerpiece is the ability to enhance its look with candles, especially during outdoor receptions! For example, take a look at the image above on the left, taken at the Sculpture Garden near the San Diego Museum of Modern Art. The planners for this wedding, Couture Events, added votive candles beneath the flowers to accentuate the decorative glass vases!

Not all tall centerpieces have to be over-the-top in order to have an impact! For example, take the image above on the left, taken at a Hotel del Coronado wedding. The vases are not overly tall, but the lilies extend much higher, so the eye line is clear!

Short Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

If you prefer a wedding centerpiece that’s more understated, then a short centerpiece may be for you!

Shorter wedding centerpieces are great for a few reasons. First, their subtlety is front and center. In addition, short centerpieces offer more intimacy at the table, as they don’t feel overly grand.

Short centerpieces can showcase the same flowers as a tall centerpiece, sometimes even more variety! For example, these dahlias on the left, from a wedding at L’Auberge Hotel, fit perfectly in a short vase. Also, in the picture on the right from La Valencia Hotel, creamy roses are surrounded by green runners with mini roses.

Short vases don’t have to be made of glass! In the images above, shot at St. Malo Beach and Darlington House, vases made from wood are the perfect accent pieces to the decor of each of these unique weddings.

For a more rustic look, short vases with red calla lilies perfectly match this barn wedding!

Centerpiece Ideas for Long Tables

Most of the images I’ve shown to this point involve round reception tables. But in many cases, your reception space will lend itself better to longer, farm-style tables!

Scroll down for some gorgeous wedding centerpiece ideas for long tables!

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