Engagement Photos in Malibu : Shelley + Barry

April 28, 2020

It’s so exciting to share Shelley and Barry’s engagement photos in Malibu!

Malibu Creek State Park Engagement Photos

We begin Shelley and Barry’s engagement session at Malibu Creek State Park. I love shooting here for several reasons. For example, it offers a wide variety of looks all within walking distance. Want a forest of old oak trees? Check. Need some open space with high peaks and amazing vistas? The park has it!

In addition, it’s a short drive to the beach, where you can get even more variation in your engagement photos.

For Shelley and Barry’s engagement photos in Malibu, it’s all about taking in the light and showing Barry and Shelley in all the wonder that is Malibu.

couple posing under oak tree infrared preset engagement photos in malibu

Infrared! Who knew! I don’t know if I’ve ever used an infrared preset before, but with all the greenery I think it works really well here!

couple kissing engagement photos in malibu creek state park

Even through thick oak forests, you can find clearings like this one to get a little space for the couple.

couple posing in sunlight malibu creek state park engagement

Barry and Shelley soaking in the amazing afternoon light for their engagement photos in Malibu.

couple posing on ridge with dark clouds and peaks in background malibu creek state park engagement

A short walk from the oak trees is this large open space with dramatic ridge. The ominous clouds overhead make this a special photograph!

Two different ways to shoot oak trees. On the left, an intimidating forest with dark trees and bright dried leaves on the ground. In another instance, a solitary oak tree provides a perfect compositional element.

couple posing in tall grass engagement photos in malibu

I don’t like having couples face the sun. However, here it works. The shady area in the front and the bright area behind really creates some nice layers in this image.

El Matador Beach Photos

You can’t have engagement photos in Malibu without a stop at El Matador, right? Love this place!

couple pose near water and rocks el matador beach

Ah, that amazing LA light!

couple posing at sunset el matador state beach

I like to really vary the angles. For example, it’s important to get close up to pull the viewer into the subject.

As the sun fades, we venture further down to the water and this large rock structure. El Matador’s cliffs and rocks make it one of the best spots for engagement photos in Malibu!

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