Elegant La Jolla Wedding at the Hilton Torrey Pines

February 3, 2020

I’m so happy to share Amanda and Jamie’s elegant La Jolla wedding at the Hilton Torrey Pines!

If you’re looking for one of the best wedding venues in La Jolla, your search should definitely include the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines. With a central location, a unique ceremony space and ballrooms that can accommodate any number of guests, it’s a must-see!

Amanda and Jamie are dream clients. Combining Hollywood good looks, charming personalities and black-tie glamour, you can’t go wrong. And their elegant La Jolla wedding is one for the books!

Getting Ready at the Hilton Torrey Pines

Amanda and Jamie’s black-tie Hilton Torrey Pines wedding begins with the two of them getting ready in separate suites. While my associate photographer shoots Jamie, I’m photographing Amanda.

The first thing I notice is her BEYOND STUNNING Anne Barge dress! It’s the rare combination of fitted and flowing, with a back that just won’t quit. I need to photograph it in a location that will complement the clean shape of the dress. The foyer is the perfect spot to shoot this gown!

flower girl spins in bridal suite before wedding

Back in the room, I continue shooting details of her gorgeous shoes and jewelry, and also some candids of Amanda and her bridesmaids as they get ready. The incredible window light in her room creates a studio feel with dramatic shadows cast depending on where I stand.

bride reflection in mirror

In a bridal suite, the first thing I do is to kill the overhead lights. With just window light, the orange color cast of the overheads is gone and I’m left with gorgeous natural light. If it’s coming from one window, like these images here, I can move around and get different looks.

stylist spraying hairspray on bride
artist applying makeup to bride
bride and mother sharing smiles before wedding

Amanda and her mother share a special moment shortly before putting on her Anne Barge gown.

bride touching diamond necklace in bridal suite

Amanda slightly adjusts her gorgeous diamond necklace before putting on her gown.

Before Amanda puts on her garter and shoes, I make sure she’s sitting near the window light to accentuate the garter’s texture and the lines of Amanda’s Anne Barge gown.

brides mother fastening dress while bride holds champagne

More of that amazing window light in the bridal suite! With the arsenal of orchid bouquets at the ready, Amanda’s mother puts the finishing touches on the back of her Anne Barge gown.

bride and bridesmaids saying cheers with champagne

Amanda and her gorgeous bridesmaids toast champagne and share a laugh before the ceremony.

First Look and Bridal Party Photos

For Amanda and Jamie’s first look, I know the foyer area will be the perfect spot for the first look. It’s a long walk for Amanda as she greets Jamie, but the buildup makes the reaction that much better.

bride and groom first look near grande ballroom hilton la jolla torrey pines

Aesthetically I knew what I was getting when I chose this location for their first look–amazing light and symmetry. But I never knew I would get this amazing reaction from Amanda and Jamie.

bridal party parterre garden elegant la jolla wedding hilton torrey pines

Amanda, Jamie and their bridal party pose on the patio overlooking the Parterre Garden.

The Hilton Torrey Pines Wedding Ceremony

Amanda and Jamie’s elegant La Jolla wedding ceremony is held in the Parterre Garden overlooking Torrey Pines Golf Course. Large hedgerows and grass surround the area and the long walkway is lined with stone flower pots. Beyond the altar is the golf course and the mighty Pacific.

This day was particularly warm, so Amanda and Jamie provided their guests with hand fans to keep them cool. For ambiance, a harpist plucks strings as guests are seated.

bride and father before elegant la jolla wedding hilton la jolla torrey pines

Whenever possible, either I or my second shooter will hang with the bride and her father before the ceremony. The tension is palpable and it can make for some really wonderful pictures.

Another bonus to hanging back with the bride and her father is that we can make great images like this one.

The wedding ceremony venue at the Hilton Torrey Pines has views of the ocean and Torrey Pines golf course.

Palm trees surround the altar area of the Parterre Garden, which creates interesting foregrounds when photographing the bride and groom as they recite their vows.

In addition to capturing the moments of pure love and intent, it’s important to get images like this that lighten the mood.

I’m a sucker for a good, long kiss at a wedding!

With a perfectly timed wind gust to move her wonderful veil, Amanda and Jamie paused for a kiss halfway down the aisle after sealing their marriage.

Although her veil is great in the wind, it’s not so great going up concrete steps. Here, Amanda laughs at the veil getting snagged on a crack in the concrete.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I also like to hang with the bride and groom as they exit the ceremony. When their family and bridal party come in shortly after, I can get great photos like this one!

Bride and Couple Portraits at the Hilton Torrey Pines

So here it is, Amanda’s stunning Anne Barge gown in all its glory. In the photo on the left, I wanted to show the simplicity of the gown and fit it in to the vanishing point beyond it. It also does a great job of showing the detail on the dress back. Finally her pose has amazing confidence and implies an eye on the future.

More portraits with Amanda and Jamie! On the left, I posed them on a walkway between two hedgerows on the right side of the Parterre Garden. It has a nice English garden feel. On the right, the steps from the lobby to the second floor have amazing lines, so it’s just a matter of positioning them in the middle and making sure the dress falls properly.

Later in the evening, we came back into the lobby and shot a few more images, just up from the staircase photo. The blue color of the evening sky creates a really moody feel, while the spot light from the ceiling illuminates them just perfectly.

Hilton La Jolla Wedding Reception

Amanda and Jamie’s Hilton Torrey Pines wedding reception was held in the Grand Ballroom, which can seat over 1000 people but was sectioned off considerably for the wedding’s 150 guests.

For cocktail hour, guests enjoyed craft drinks and delicious appetizers on the patio near the Parterre Garden. They then moved into the Grand Ballroom for dinner, dancing and the rest of the evening’s festivities.

Details Galore for This Elegant La Jolla Wedding

White orchids are the flower of the event, adorning not only Amanda’s luscious bouquet but also the tables and the cake.

The white dance floor with the custom monogram in the center makes the perfect focal point for a large reception with a band.

One of my favorite first dance photos ever! The pop of the flash perfectly timed with Amanda’s expression, hand gesture and dress movement.

Amanda and Jamie enjoy more dancing on their own as the video crew gets their shots.

Jamie and Amanda share a laugh as a member of the bridal party gives a humorous toast.

The newlyweds continue to dance as the band gets into its groove.

Amanda and her father finish off their choreographed father-daughter dance with a wonderful twirl and a nod to the crowd.

Jamie and his mother slide across the dance floor for the mother-son dance.

For garter and bouquet photos, I’m very specific about where I want them placed and *when* to throw the bouquet. Well, Jamie threw the garter as soon as he ripped it off Amanda’s leg. I was so lucky to be quick on the draw with this one!

The newly married couple make their way through the sparkler exit!

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