March 21, 2020

Del Mar Engagement Photos : Brooke + Tony

I had such a blast shooting Brooke and Tony's Del Mar engagement photos! We started the shoot on the Coast to Crest trail in the San Dieguito River Park. We then shot some great stuff in downtown Del Mar and finished the shoot on the beach at 15th Street.

Del Mar Engagement Photos at San Dieguito River Park

couple in formalwear pose on coast to crest trail del mar
Brooke wears a gorgeous split-leg gown while Tony dons a tailored suit. It's a perfect ensemble for this classy couple.
couple pose on wooden path in lagoon del mar
The walkway on the trail has been complete for a few years now and its so great to see how well it comes together in these images.

Downtown Del Mar

couple embrace in trees with sun shining near l'auberge hotel
Our next stop brings us to downtown Del Mar, one of my favorite spots to shoot. There are so many nooks and crannies like this it's hard to pick which one to use. I love the dark areas around Brooke and Tony while they are lighted up by the sun.
couple sit on bench in front of bullys del mar for engagement shoot
RIP Bully's Del Mar. You were fun while you lasted.
couple pose in sun in front of white wall and windows
Around the corner from Bully's is this wonderful wall with gorgeous windows. On summer evenings like this when the sun is right, the building goes into shade while the area below is in the sunshine. I also really love the balance between the windows and the subjects.
man twirls fiancee in downtown del mar
Moving down toward the beach, Tony spins Brooke in the late-evening summer sun.
couple embrace on street near del mar beach for engagement shoot
On the road above Seagrove Park the light and foliage colors are amazing.

15th Street Del Mar Beach

couple embrace romantically under pine tree at seagrove park del mar
Brooke and Tony embrace beneath a large pine tree at Seagrove Park in Del Mar.
man lifts fiancee off feet near train tracks on bluff in del mar
Sort of illegal, yes, but when the view is this good I can't resist.
silhouette of couple at sunset for del mar beach engagement
Finishing off with an amazing sunset with these two!

Interested in some Del Mar engagement photos? I'd love to chat! Take a look at my portfolio and then hit me up for a consultation!


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