Coronado Beach Couple Photos : Sabrina + Thompson : Part 4

April 8, 2020

After their Sabrina and Thompson’s Sacred Heart Coronado wedding ceremony, we head back to the Hotel Del for their Coronado beach couple photos!

Bride and Groom Photos Inside the Hotel Del

Our first stop is The Garden at the Hotel Del. The Garden is a large courtyard that sits in the center of the property. It’s a popular venue for both weddings and meetings. It’s Victorian architecture and great light make it a great spot for bride and groom photos.

The next stop is a gorgeous hallway on the second floor of the Hotel Del. This particular hallway is essentially all windows, so the light is a amazing.

Our third stop is a staircase near the hallway in the previous photo. I love the light in this area. It’s different than the hallway because the light is a little more directional and the surrounding area is really dark. This creates really moody, contrasty images that I love.

In the lobby of the Hotel Del is the original vintage elevator! Although it’s been electronically modified to bring it up to date, the elevator is still run by a full-time human operator! The gilded cage and yellow light make it a great spot for photos at the Hotel

Coronado Beach Couple Photos

After working in the hotel for a bit, we head down to the sand for Sabrina and Thompson’s Coronado beach couple photos.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love shooting photos on Coronado beach because if sheer size and the southerly direction it faces. The sheer size of the beach means it’s easy to find a little privacy for my couples. It’s southerly-facing

With the sun setting behind Point Loma, Thompson and Sabrina soak in the atmosphere of a dreamy mid-summer evening in Coronado.

With the sun to the west, the ocean to the south, and the Hotel Del to the east, there’s beauty at every turn. As a photographer, this means there’s always something special to incorporate into Coronado beach couple photos.

One last romantic embrace and kiss as the sun fades.

Thompson and Sabrina make their way back to the Del for their ballroom reception!

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