Caspers Wilderness Engagement Photos

It’s so exciting to share Cassandra and John’s Caspers Wilderness engagement photos! This is part one of their two-part Orange County engagement photo shoot!

There are so many great beach engagement photo shoot locations in Orange County! For example, Newport, Corona del Mar and Laguna are all wonderful in their own right. But there’s something about taking a quick drive out the Ortega Highway and exploring the wilderness!

Caspers Wilderness park is the perfect spot for engagement photos. The large groves of oak trees create this amazing canopy of filtered sunlight. In addition, the green grass in the winter and spring adds that great pop of color that everyone loves!

couple kissing under large oak grove caspers wilderness engagement photos

I love shooting in groves of oak trees. Their gray-green coloring gives a peaceful feel. In addition, their rambling growth pattern creates wonderful lines. Cassandra’s pink top is the perfect break in the subtle color palette.

couple embracing under oak tree in tall green grass caspers wilderness engagement photo

In the summer, the grass is dry and yellow, which has its own wonderful feel. But the rains in winter and spring bring the grass to life!

couple embracing in bright sunlight under oak tree orange county engagement photo

Shooting Caspers Wilderness engagement photos means you’re going to get different looks. You can find shafts of sunlight like this one to give everything a different dimension.

couple standing on large oak tree trunk orange county engagement photo

In addition, the oak groves give you lots of space to spread out and add some scale to your engagement photos.

couple embracing on dry riverbed

But it’s not all oak groves! For example, the rocky riverbed adds a completely different look to your Caspers Wilderness engagement photo shoot!

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