Same Sex Weddings

Hotel Del Coronado Same Sex Wedding

There is so much I love about this photo from Chase and Matt's Hotel Del Coronado same sex wedding.  Let's start with the aesthetics:  Deep, rich black and white tones; a hint of sun flare coming in from top-right, and Chase's dad, a tad out of focus, smiling intently.  Lastly, Chase and Matt managing to sneak in a loving glance amidst the chaos of their cocktail hour. JS2_9055

Including Dogs into Your Wedding!

Including a dog as part of your wedding party can be an amazing experience!  Just as Alex, a beautiful yellow lab owned by my clients, Matt and Chase.  Alex was so excited that Bailey, the young usher, had a challenging time controlling the dog as they walked down the aisle!  Seeing a dog this excited automatically makes everyone happy and, even better, makes for amazing photographs. dog wedding ceremony hotel del coronado


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Same Sex Wedding First Look

First look for Matt and Chase.  Normally I like to keep the first look just between the couple.  I feel the bridal party, family members and other onlookers can inhibit the couple from truly embracing the moment, but at the same time I really feel like I'm missing great photos of their reactions.  In Chase and Matt's case, the couple occupied one of the small meeting rooms off the courtyard at the Hotel Del Coronado, so I chose to put the entire bridal party in there so they could watch the first look unfold.  Being able to photograph their reactions made an amazing moment even better. same sex wedding groom first look bridal party

Groom Portrait Hotel Del Coronado

This is Matt's husband, Chase.  I photographed Chase in sunroom overlooking the courtyard at the Hotel Del Coronado, shortly before their wedding ceremony.  In terms of setup, just about as simple as it gets:  great light, classic pose, timeless styling. same sex wedding groom portrait classic tux black and white