Moody Same Sex Couple Portrait

I learned how to be a photographer by shooting for a daily newspaper.  The skills I learned shooting assignments--finding great light, working in a small timeframe, coming away with the goods no matter what--are the foundation for my wedding photography. This moody same sex couple portrait of Chase and Matt is a perfect example of that.  Shortly after shooting all of their group photos, I had about 15 minutes with the two grooms  to shoot the majority of their portraits together.  I had already scouted out several locations in the Hotel Del Coronado, but I always leave room for something spontaneous.  As we were walking to our first location, I noticed the late-afternoon sun shining in small shafts throughout the center courtyard.  With the background mostly in shade, I new I could put them in the sun and make a romantic, high-contrast portrait of these two.

moody same sex couple wedding portrait