Estefania + Mike : Coronado Beach Wedding


There are many things about my wedding photography clients that are humbling:  fantastic love stories, incredible achievements, and undying commitment.  Estefania and Mike exemplify all of these things in one fell swoop. During our time together, which also included a fantastic engagement session in La Jolla, I learned that Estefania and Mike met several years ago at college in Colorado.  What began as a good friendship morphed into something more, setting them on a path to the rest of their lives.  After graduation, Estefania would continue her academic career and pursue her Ph.D in neuroscience at school in Minnesota, where she is currently located.  Mike joined the Navy as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician (EOD) and, although stationed in San Diego, his deployments take him to various parts of the world for extended periods of time.  All the while they have remained together, committed.

(Cue the awe-struck facial expressions.)

With Mike heading out on deployment sometime at the end of July, they thought it was a good time to tie the knot during an intimate Coronado beach wedding.  With the best summer weather we've had in two years and it being the Fourth of July weekend, it was an absolute perfect day for Estefania and Mike to begin their journey in this thing called marriage.

Estefania and Mike will continue their celebration in 2012 with a destination wedding in Oaxaca, Mexico.

(Photographed on Kodak Portra 160.)