East Village and Ocean Beach Engagement Session

From the moment I met Sarah and Mario, I knew their unique style would be the perfect opportunity to try a different approach to this San Diego engagement session.

We began the shoot in San Diego’s East Village neighborhood, a stone’s throw from their gorgeous apartment. I had shot a few things here briefly before, but I really wanted to explore a bit more with these two. They met years ago in a salsa dancing class, so I played with poses that mimicked that dancing style. Lots of closeness and nuance without going overt.

After shooting in the East Village, we hopped in my truck and headed to Sunset Cliffs for a completely different look. The day was perfectly sunny and the ocean an amazing shade of blue. Sarah changed into a dress that was more free-flowing, which was perfectly caught by the breeze.

Our final stop was the south side of the Ocean Beach Pier. I love that area—it’s got a great little rocky area and a seawall that’s covered in green algae.