When planning your destination wedding, one of the most important decisions you can make is selecting a photographer. With so many options out there, I am honored that you have considered me to document your wedding.


When you choose a destination wedding photographer, you're selecting, in essence, a travel companion. Someone who's adventurous, independent and responsible. Someone who can go with the flow yet has an opinion when necessary. Someone who's comfortable sharing ales in an English pub, sipping Barolo in a Tuscan vineyard or sampling street tacos in Cabo San Lucas. 

Above all, you are choosing someone who recognizes the gravity of your decision to celebrate your wedding in a far-off land and who promises be your partner in documenting this momentous occasion.

From the initial consultation to going over itineraries, from advice on your wedding-day timeline to selecting the ideal locations for photographs, I will guide you through an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Congratulations on this exciting time in your life!

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One you’ve booked us for your destination wedding, we’ll begin the Onboarding process, where we really get to know each other. We’ll talk in detail about your wedding venue and aesthetic preferences for your pictures. We’ll go over ideas about places we can shoot and discuss the best flow of the day in order to maximize your wedding photography! 

2.Travel Plans

Now for the fun part—making travel plans!  We prefer to make our own travel arrangements —it’s one less thing for you to think about!  We’ll arrange travel based on the shooting schedule of your wedding, scouring the web for the most reasonable transportation and accomodations we can find. No travel arrangements are booked without your approval.  If you have preferred flights and lodging arrangements already in place, we’re happy to defer travel plans to you!  

3.Pre-Wedding Consultation

A few weeks before your destination wedding, we'll have one final phone/Skype call to go over all last-minute details.  From travel and lodging arrangements to the wedding timeline, we'll make sure all parties are on the same page so there are no surprises!

5.Photography Brief

Using information and photographs from the location/tech scout, we'll formulate a Photography Brief.  Think of this document as your photo “bible” for your destination wedding!  It will cover in detail our photo locations, illustrating everything from the best angles at a particular location to the time of day with the best lighting!

4.Location/Tech Scout

An important part of shooting any destination wedding is a location/tech scout. Upon arrival to your destination, we'll visit the venue to get a feel for the space, talk with on-site personnel about the flow of the day, find epic spaces to photograph group photos and portraits, and get an idea of how the light falls on the space. We'll also scout the surrounding area for the best spots for a pre-/post-wedding shoot.

6.Pre-Wedding Shoot

Our pre-wedding shoot is a chance to really get to know one another!  Not only is it an opportunity for you to get comfortable in front of the camera, but it gives us a chance to figure out what it takes to capture you at your best!  Plus, it helps set the stage for photographing you at your wedding, where our familiarity will help us quickly get into a flow with one another.

7.Welcome Reception

Most destination weddings we cover feature a welcome reception.  It’s a great way to greet your guests and provide a relaxed environment for your guests to settle into the event.  We’ll shoot this from beginning to end, covering all the intricate details, emotional speeches, and candid moments between you and your guests. 


This is it!  On your wedding day, John and his associate photographer will cover your day from start to amazing finish!  From getting-ready images and group photos, to the ceremony, romantic portraits and reception.  the bride and groom and their respective bridal parties separately. During the ceremony, we’ll provide complementary coverage from a variety of angles, never parking in one spot too long. When the ceremony is over, we’ll shoot any remaining group and family photos we need.

9.Post-Wedding Shoot

The stress of the main event is behind you, now it’s time to explore a bit!  The mechanics of a post-wedding shoot are similar to a pre-wedding shoot, except now you’re so much more relaxed.  We'll get lost in the area around your event location and make some images you’ll remember forever!

11.Album Delivery

If you’ve purchased an album, we’ll ask you to send us a list of 25-30 of your “must-have” images.  We’ll use these images as the cornerstones for your album design, selecting complementary images to round out the narrative of the book.  Once the initial album design is complete, you’ll be sent a link to our private proofing site where you can easily add comments and change requests to any aspect of page layout.  Once you’ve approved the layout of the design and chosen your cover material, we’ll send your album to the bindery for assembly.  Generally, it takes 8-10 weeks for the album to be constructed and shipped to your doorstep!

10.Image Delivery

Generally speaking, we deliver images to our clients 3-4 weeks after the wedding date.  In the interim, we’ll tease out images on Instagram and send you a handful that you can share as well!  

When all the images are ready, you’ll be presented with a link to your private, online gallery (see sample here), which you can forward along to friends, family members and wedding guests.  From the gallery, visitors can download web-ready images for free; archival prints and high-resolution files can be purchased through the gallery as well.  Along with the gallery link we’ll include your personal PIN, which allows you to download the edited, high-resolution collection of images from your event.  

One comprehensive package for your entire destination wedding extravaganza

Rather than inundate you with a dizzying array of packages and options that you don't like, I've distilled everything down to one essential package based on over 12 years of shooting destination weddings.

Essential Collection :: $5000 

10 hours Wedding coverage

It starts with pre-ceremony coverage, capturing finishing touches of your preparation. Then a first look, plenty of group photos, your ceremony, and romantic portraits. It finished deep into the reception, capturing all the moments from your amazing party.

Two Wedding Photographers

Photography by John Schnack and a hand-picked associate photographer.


Pre-\Post-Wedding Session

Let's explore! We'll design a 2-3 hour shoot from the ground up, picking amazing locations and making the right wardrobe choices for the session.

Welcome Party Coverage

Coverage for 2-3 hours at your official welcome reception! Perfect for capturing guests as they're welcomed to your event!

High-Res files & Online Proofing

The entire edited, high-resolution collection of wedding and engagement images delivered via electronic download. A private, online gallery for your guests' viewing convnenience.

All Travel Fees*

Includes miscellaneous travel costs such as food, taxi/Uber, tips, baggage fees, etc.


*Airfare and Lodging Costs

Since airfare and lodging costs vary widely, these items will be quoted in your initial proposal based on the location of your wedding, the time of year and the plans for your event. Generally speaking, plan for us to arrive 1-2 days before your wedding, to cover the welcome reception and a pre-wedding shoot; and leave 1-2 days after, to shoot a post-wedding session or day-after activity.


Set aside some time to explore

Your destination wedding will most likely involve a few days on either end of your main event dedicated to sightseeing or relaxation. I highly encourage you to take advantage of the downtime, and set aside 2-3 hours where we can get lost for a while and make some amazing images!

Trust the Process

Unless you're used to being in front of the camera, having a photographer follow you around can be very awkward at first, but this process is very necessary in order to get the types of images we want. The way I work is predicated upon letting your guard down and breaking down those barriers of inhibition. As we spend more time together and we gain each others' trust, it all becomes much easier--and the resulting pictures will show it!

As a former newspaper photographer, the majority of my work is documentary in nature--those wonderful, split-second moments that form the arc of your wedding story. Those moments are complemented with romantic portraits that capture all the subtleties of your relationship with one another.



Don't Be Afraid to Have Fun!

Planning a destination wedding can be very stressful. Picking the right location and venue, arranging travel, planning guest activities--it can send you off the deep end if you don't keep things in perspective. That's why it's so important to take a step back, breath in the experience and have fun!